Andrea Bates

Andrea Bates

Writer. LCSW. Perpetual Volunteer.

Writing. Editing. Reading/book reviews. Mental health advocacy.

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Ten truths about mental health article

Ten Truths About Mental Health - Good Girl Gone Redneck

Mental Health Matters. Take a moment or two to review these ten important truths.

Woman 1209322 1920 article

World Maternal Mental Health Day | Postpartum Support - PSI

The importance of recognizing maternal mental health and supporting moms everywhere.

9 national charitable organizations that need your support article

9 National Charitable Organizations That Need Your Support - Midlife Boulevard

These nine organizations could really use your support today.

Beachreads article

Five Books You Must Read This Summer - Midlife Boulevard

Looking for the perfect beach read? This list will help you find one!

Headpain article

7 Ways To Reduce Your Migraines Without Meds — The Daily Migraine

These 7 tips will help you manage your migraines without medication.

Headache 2058476 1920 article

The Migraine Piercing Everyone is Talking about: Daith Piercing! — The Daily Migraine

Learn more about the Daith Piercing and how it works/does not work for migraine relief.

Why should i attend a blogging conference  article

Should I Attend Blogging Conferences?

Considering attending a blogging conference sometime soon? Read this piece before you decide.

Favereads 2016 article

The Best Books I Read This Year (2016)

This list of my favorite 2016 reads will make your day. Check it out as soon as you can so you, too, can enjoy these talented writers.

17 books in 2017 article

17 Books You Must Read in 2017

These 17 books need to be added to your to-read list immediately.

Take these 5 steps and start blogging article

Take These 5 Steps And Start Blogging

5 Simple Steps To Get Your Blog Off The Ground

Thirty five writing prompts for midlife women article

Thirty-five Writing Prompts for Midlife Women

Stuck in a writing rut? These prompts will work for you - midlife woman or not!

Managing grief during the holiday season article

Managing Grief During The Holiday Season

Five Ways to Process Your Grief This Holiday Season

5 historical fiction books article

5 Incredible Historical Fiction Recommendations

Looking for book suggestions? These five historical fiction books are the perfect choice for you today.

Your Diagnosis Isn't Less Than Anyone Else's

Tools for Mom | Postpartum Support - PSI Blog

Important reminder:
Your Diagnosis Isn't Less Than Anyone Else's

5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself This Holiday Season — The Daily Migraine

You can put yourself first this holiday season. Take care of you.