Andrea Bates

Andrea Bates

Writer. LCSW. Perpetual Volunteer.

Writing. Editing. Reading/book reviews. Mental health advocacy.

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Small stories article

Your Small Stories Are Important

SITSGIRLS: Your Small Stories Are Important

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Blogging Question: How Often Should You Post

SITSGIRLS: How often should you post on your blog? A long-time blogger gives her answer - and it might surprise you....

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Good Books To Read in 2015 | 12 Must Read Books

SITSGIRLS: Do you set reading goals? This list has 12 good books you must read in 2015 - one book for each month - to help you get started....

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Good Books To Read in 2016 | 12 Must Read Books

SITSGIRLS: Do you set reading goals? This list has 12 good books you must read in 2016 - one book for each month - to help you get started....

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Why I STill Write: Sharing Personal Stories On My Blog

Open and honest writing is what's real. It is how you connect with people. That is why we are still writing and sharing personal stories on our blogs....

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6 Great Books To Read This Fall

The new fall releases are coming out, and there are a lot of great reads! Check out our top 6 great books to read this fall and cuddle up with a good book....

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10 Random Acts Of Kindness

10 ideas that cost little of no money to help you spread happiness. These random acts of kindness are simple to do, and mean a lot to the recipient....

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10 Inspiring Women You Should Follow On Instagram

A list of women who inspire us every day with their pictures and words on Instagram....

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12 Hour Adventure With Caribou Coffee

When you're a mom, getting your kids ready for the new school year in 12 hours is an adventure - and an accomplishment. Caribou Coffee helps....

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8 Places To Submit Your Writing

SITSGIRLS: Looking for more exposure for your blog? This list of places to submit your writing is a great way to get started. Includes paid and unpaid opportunities....

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Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes And Crafts

We've collected a dozen Thanksgiving recipes and crafts that will help to make your holiday easy, fun, and yummy....

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6 Reasons I Am Thankful For Blogging - The SITS Girls

There are many reasons to be thankful for blogging, from friends and connections, to business opportunities. Here are our top six....

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The 10 Best Books By Bloggers Just Like You

We've got the 10 best books by bloggers collected in one fun reading challenge. You love reading their blog posts, and you will really love their books!...

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What To Pack For A Blog Conference - The SITS Girls

All the must-haves for blog conference packing. Plus tips to get the most out of your blog conference experience....

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Stop The Summer Slump Day 1

A week of writing prompts to help you get your summer blogging off to a good start....